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Assignment 1 Introduction to Business (Accounting/International Class)

You are required to research "business success story" from Indonesia or outside Indonesia, then write a paper (1 page paper).  Please post your assignment here as COMMENT in this blog. Just click COMMENT at the bottom of this page, and write or paste your work.
Don't forget to write your name, student number, and title of your work.
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  1. Nama : Faris Adilah
    NIM : C1L014010

    Success Story Hary Tanoesoedibjo

    Hary Tanoesoedibjo is very successfull businesman in Indonesia, he listed one of most rich man in Indonesia. He nicknamed by Indonesian people as king of multimedia. He is owner of MNC group that consist of RCTI, MNCTV, Global Tv and many other. Hari Tanoesoedibjo born in Surabaya, East Java 26th September 1965. In high school he have been drop out by his school because he is not diligent and he thought to change his habit.
    After graduate from high school his parent send him to Canada. He study in Carleton University Ottawa Canada, there he get title Bachelor of Commerce in 1988. Then he take major master for program Master of Business Administration. He gradueted master program only one year because he change his habit and study hard.
    He is younger brother of Hartono Tanoesoedibjo dan Bambang Rudijanto Tanoesoedibjo. He and his wife Liliana Tanaja has 5 children. He begin his career with PT Bhakti Isvestama that time he is only 25 years old. Within 24 years he make big proggress, in 2011 he named for one of most richest man in Indonesia he in position 22 with total wealth US$ 19 billion.
    In 2012 MNC group establish join ventures with chinesse internet company and GS Home Shopping. All top position has occupied by him, President Director Media Nusantara Citra Company (MNC) and Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia (RCTI) since 2003. Mobile-8 Telcom Commisioner, Indovision and many other company under Global Mediacom and Bhakti Investama.

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  3. Laela Fitria Perdana

    Success Story of Dian Pelangi

    Dian Wahyu Utami well known as Dian Pelangi is one of the top designer in Indonesia especially for muslim fashion. She is a very young and talented in her field as a designer. She was born in Palembang. She graduated from Ecole Superieur des Arts et Techniques de la Mode (ESMOD).
    She started her business when she was 19 years old. Her talent blooded in her because actually her parent is an owner one of top boutique in Pekalongan. Though her parent have their own business, Dian Pelangi started her business by her self, start from design for her clothes collection until the promotion of her products.
    Her collection for the first time penetrate foreign markets by a fashion show in Melbourne at May 2009. She brought 40 clothes of her collection there. Fortunately, Dian Pelangi have a friend there, so, when the show was done, she was interviewed by one of Australian media that is The Edge. After a time, her collection well known in Sidney dan Perth.
    Her product was accepted in society because the high quality and the price relatively cheap. Now, Dian Pelangi have so many outlet for her product, in the big city that is Jakarta, Medan, and so on. For the foreign, She has outlet in Malaysia.
    Dian Pelangi admits her success wasn’t without great effort. She did all by her self started from nol. She prove to the world with her hard work to get all that now she has.

  4. Jasmine Fitrialianda Putri

    The succeed story of Jack Welch.

    Have you heard General Electric (GE)? According to its website, GE is a company which finding solutions in energy, health and home, transportation and finance. This Company had led by an American Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with the nickname called “Neutron Jack” in period 1981-2001. He is Jack Welch, a man who has become the well-known CEO of GE for about twenty years ago.
    He started to work at GE in 1960 as a Junior Chemical Engineer in Massachusetts. At a time, he felt he would give up due to salary excuse. But his senior, Reuben Gutoff had already taken his heart to go back to GE after inviting him and his wife for dinner.
    Twelve years later, Welch was chosen as the Vice President of GE. After being Vice President, Welch career increased fast. Proven in 1977 he became the Senior Vice President, next two years he became the youngest Chairman. And finally in 1981 he became the CEO replace Reginald H. Jones.
    As the CEO of GE, Welch did a streamline in 1980s. He did that to make GE more competitive, support the managers to manage productively and be more efficient. Welch is popular on fired 10 lowest managers in GE, but he never doubt to give bonus to the highest managers.
    Welch has brought GE into a very big company and one of the largest revenue companies with his skill and knowledge in business intelligence and leadership strategy.
    Source: GE’s website and Wikipedia.

  5. Rangga Hidayat C1L011005

    Success Story of Tomy Winata (Guo Shuo Feng),

    He born on 23 July 1958 in Pontianak, Indonesia. He is an Indonesian businessman with interests in banking, property, and infrastructure. He was listed as #35 on a Forbes list of “the 40 richest men in Indonesia”. He is the son of an automobile spare parts trader and left school in the seventh grade, to support his families, he sold ice pops, became a car washer , and also became an office boy.

    Winata’s business has been developed under the Artha Graha Group and Artha Graha Network. In 1998, he worked with the Indonesian Army Foundation to rescue a troubled bank and changed its name to Bank Artha Graha. In 1997, in cooperation with Bank Indonesia (BI) he bailed out Bank Arta Prima, and merged with Bank Artha Graha. In 2003, Artha Graha Group took over Bank Inter-Pacific.,Tbk. In 2005, Bank Inter-Pacific.,Tbk acquired Bank Artha Graha become Bank Artha Graha Internasional.,Tbk (INPC.JK)

    He also involved in the property sector (owns Borobudur Hotel & Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD)). In SCBD, he plans to build The Signature Tower Building-Jakarta, a 111-storey skyraper, which will be the fifth tallest building in the world. He also active in the infrastructure sector, his company (PT Bangungraha Sejahtera Mulia), he became the lead investor for the Sunda Strait Bridge project which connect Lampung (Sumatra) and Banten (Java) through a bridge.

    In 2013, Madrid, Spain, Winata together with the Bali Mangrove Care Forum appointed the top Real Madrid soccer player “Cristiano Ronaldo” , to be the Ambassador of Mangroves. They agreed to conserve existing mangroves and plant new ones, especially in Bali surrounding areas.

  6. Evelyne Meidita H R

    Succes story of Merry Riana

    in this essay, I will tell you about the life story of Merry Riana. Merry Riana is a little girl who has the same life with other children. Merry comes from a family originating from China. Merry live and grow in a simple family. In 1998, there was an uprising, rebellion is endangering the entire people of Indonesia. Merry family is also in a dangerous condition. At the time of this rebellion occurred, Merry was studying in a private university in Jakarta, namely the University of Trisakti. The uprising occurred when Merry was studying at university. Her parents are very worried about the safety of their children. Merry's parents decided to send their daughter to Singapore , to study at there . Merry is a high school graduate from one of the best private schools in Jakarta, namely Santa Ursula. Because of that , Merry have easy to continue her education in Singapore. Nanyang University ultimately her choice to continue her studies. because of his family circumstances were lacking in material, then in Singapore Merry life with state deficiency. Allowance is only 10 dollars per week. He was provided by parents instant noodle, and every day she always consume instant noodle to satisfy his hunger. to study in Singapore, merry's family decided to borrow money to bank $ 40,000 Singapore. merry's life in Singapore as usual with the situation is simple and underprivileged. When entering the second year of college, merry feel nothing has changed her life, and she was bored with the condition was like that. at the age of 20, she made a promise to herself that she should succeed and have financial freedom when he was not yet entered the age of 30. and because of the promise and the spirit that makes her into a merry riana known by many people. Merry began thinking of ways to pay off the cost of education in the bank, she thought if being an employee and working in the office of the debt will be paid off within 10 years. she does not want a long long time in reaching success . when she graduated college from nanyang university, she learned from the story of entrepreneurs who have been successful. she started from the sales sector in the field of financial services. The hard work that she did produce results. He worked for 14 hours a day, and stood up. she offers a brochure in the middle of the road, at the station, and there are many more places she offers brochures. Merry is a person who never gave up, she did it all with a true heart and sincere. In singapore, she also found a good man who has now become her husband. Merry tells that her husband is a person who always encouraged her when she reaches the saturation. back to the success story, in 6 months after she worked, Merry could pay off its debts to state banks in cash. Apparently because of her hard work, Merry obtain other successes, she can form his own company and eventually founded the MRO company, whose income is 1 million dollars. When she gained her success, she became a motivator that helps people get the success as well. I hope, Merry Riana's success story can inspire us all to dream as high as height and achieve our dreams with a heartfelt and sincere.

  7. Name : Muhammad Ariq Irfan
    NIM : C1L014022

    Agus Pramono or mas mono is a man who just have education until senior high school. After finish his school in 1994, mas Mono going to Jakarta to work ini Californian Fried Chicken or we call CFC. In CFC mas Mono work as coocker. But in 1997 mas Mono was sign out from CFC because he want to make restaurant, in 1998 his restaurant doesn’t have customer because reformation in Indonesia. Then he close his restaurant and search work again, after he sent many- many proposal to office in Jakarta, he doesn’t accept in one of them. Finally mas Mono work as Office boy in consultan office after he get recommendation from his friend.
    While he work in consultan office, mas Mono studying how to use computer in there. After he can use the computer, mas Mono was trying to make money with open texting scription servis. But mas Mono have an idea, he want to open restaurant again like restaurant in front his office, but mas Mono doesn’t have money, he just have five hundred thousand rupiah, with all of his money he cant built restaurant, but he was seeing spot was doesn’t use by owner in front of USAHID. Then he built the five feet restaurant with his wife. When mas Mono first day selling his chicken,he just take five chicken, then he make twenty pieces from that chicken. That day his chicken just sold twelve pieces, nut mas Mono was very happy because he get money from his restaurant.
    Mas Mono is people who have high perseverance, with high perseverance mas Mono and his wife make the little restaurant to big restaurant, in first day selling his chicken, mas Mono just sell five chicken, but now mas Mono can sell eighty chicken in one day, that was amazing work. After mas Mono knows his chicken was have many lover, mas Mono was save his money to make another restaurant in the other place. After few years mas Mono sell his chicken mas Mono now was have many restaurant in Jakarta and another city, he was have until 50 chicken restaurant in Jakarta and another city.
    But mas Mono is not people who arrogant with his success story, with his hard work he never arrogant with little people because he was little people in the past. He really loved his wife because his wife always accompany him from he was a little people until now he was big people. That was success people who get success life from a big work and big dream. Agus Pramono, now he can get until one hundred million rupiah for a month and have many restaurant in Jakarta and the other city from one little restaurant in front of UNSAHID.

  8. Name : Agnes Irawati Suwignyo
    Nim : C1L014009

    Success Story From Andi Setia Budi
    Andi Setiabudi was born and raised in Banjarmasin. He was the youngest of four siblings. He is the CEO of PT Cipaganti Cipta Graha. He started his career since he was in the high school. He helped his parents develop their snack. However,due to the family’s tight finances he did not get the opportunity to continue his studies at St. Aloysius high school but instead became fully involved in the business. Slowly but surely,in his hands, the snack business grew in profitably and so did the production volume. He also owned several vans for the distribution of his products. To renew his fleet he sold the old trucks and replaced them with new ones. In 1985, Andi decided to try his luck at dealing in secondhand vehicles. Starting with only five vehicles, the business grew rapidly. Eventually he bought a showroom on Jl. Cipaganti, Bandung, and set up his company, CV Cipaganti Motor. First he was success but not everything went as planned. During the heyday of his automotive business the government abruptly introduced its tight monetary policy,which caused the prices of secondhand cars to drop. But he wont give up. He always says that whatever the obstruction here is always finds opportunities. And so he switched from car sales to rentals. Today the Cipaganti Group has grown large and Andi acknowledges that controlling such a large organization is becoming more complicated. Hence, he has opted for a more professional organization, while business is focused on three main lines transportation,property and heavy equipment.’ The opportunities ahead are fantastic, so we only have to carry out our strategies” he concluded

  9. Name: Larasati Nanda Rahmalia
    Nim: C1L014021

    Success Story of Djoko Susanto (the owner of Alfamart)

    Djoko Susanto is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Indonesia. He is the owner of Alfamart mini market which now branches all over Indonesia.He started his business when he was 17th years old.At that time he started from selling groceries in stall that belongs to his parent.The stall name is Sumber Bahagia. It is located in Arjuna Market Jakarta. The potential of the business began to flourish after he had the idea to open space cigarette sales business.In 1960 he worked together with Putra Sampoerna and open a cigarettes stall.Unexpectedly, the number of cigarettes sales reaches funtastic number and steadily increased. In 1994 he and Sampoerna started to develop their business by set up a mini market. That’s named Alfamart.But not long after that he didn’t cooperate again with Sampoerna so Djoko bought some shares of Alfamart from Sampoerna in which Sampoerna is owned by Philip Morris.Djoko also bought 65% shares from Northstar and resold it. From the sales he got double profits. So that Djoko has a great income and included in the list of the richest people in Indonesia on 17th position in 2012.

  10. Nama : Larasati Nanda Rahmalia
    NIM : C1L014021

    Success Story of Djoko Susanto (the owner of Alfamart)

    Djoko Susanto is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Indonesia .His name became familliar after Forbes magazine list him as one of the reachest business man in Indonesia. Djoko Susanto, who is the founder and owner of retail companies Alfamart. He has wealth exceeds the famous rich people in Indonesia, such as Aburizal Bakrie (ranked 30) and Ciputra (rank 27) because Alfamart mini market branches all over Indonesia now. Djoko's wealth reaches US$ 1,040 miliar (Rp 9,36 triliun).

    He started his business when he was 17th years old . At that time he started from selling groceries in stall that belongs to his parent.The stall name was Sumber Bahagia. It was located in Arjuna Market Jakarta. The potential of the business began to flourish after he had the idea to open space cigarette sales business.In 1960 he worked together with Putra Sampoerna and opened a cigarettes stall. Unexpectedly, the number of cigarettes sales reached funtastic number and steadily increased. In 1994 he and Sampoerna began to develop their business by setting up a mini market. That was named Alfamart. But not long after that he didn’t cooperate again with Sampoerna so Djoko bought some shares of Alfamart from Sampoerna in which Sampoerna was owned by Philip Morris.
    Djoko also bought 65% shares from Northstar and resold it. From the sales he got double profits. So that Djoko has a great income and included in the list of the richest people in Indonesia on 17th position in 2012.

    Nim : C1L014012

    Success story of Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham lincoln is a 16th president united state of america. Born on 12 Februari 1809 di Hodgenville, Hardin County, Kentucky, USA. Remembered as a fighter of democrazy. he's mother pass away when he was 7 years old. At the age of 22 years he worked i a store, but eventually fired. He had twice to nominated for legislature, but his effort failed. Abraham fails to be a member of congres on 34 and 39 years. Became a candidate for president of the usa and fail when he was 47 years. He never give up and finally he was elected president of america. He electedon second ocassion when he 51 years old. Fail in carrer doesn't change the spirit. He learned from failure. And trying not to repeat his mistakes. Abraham Lincoln ever said" not important how many time you fail, which is important how many you get up". Other people think abraham lincoln as a person who doesnt know the meaning of surrender. On 15 April 1865, Abraham Lincoln pass away. Becouse of shooting by Jhon Wilkes Booth. at that time slavery had ended

  12. Name : Lintang Maharani
    NIM : C1L014028

    Success story from Reuben Mattus

    Do you know the best ice cream in this world? For me the best answer is Häagen-Dazs. Häagen-Dazs is famous brand ice cream owned by Reuben Mattus. He start in 1921 by selling ice cream in the streets of new York. Actually he started selling ice cream since he is 10 years old. Someday he dreamed to make an ice cream only from the finest and purest ingredients. In 1961 Reuben decided to make a new company dedicated to producing his new super premium ice cream. He called his new brand “Häagen-Dazs”. The original flavors are: vanilla, chocolate, coffee. He spent 6 years searching for strawberries sweet flavore and full flavored enough to make an amazing ice cream.

    The Häagen-Dazs success and get award because mouth of mouth. An passionate enthusiasms grew because the rich and tasty flavor from the ice cream. 1976 Häagen-Dazs first open and the results is quietly amazing. His strategies are give free samples and strategy market brand is for university students. That's why he opened near Univesity of New York. The popularity increase day by day. By the mid 1980 this brand was introduced internationally.
    Häagen-Dazs create super premium ice cream, and it continued attract attention in1986. This brand also have frozen yoghurt in 1991, and sorbet in 1993. Häagen-Dazs also have ice cream sandwich and dolce with mouthwatering flavors too.

    Now Häagen-Dazs is really international brand ice cream with sales more than 850 shops in more than 50 countries. Häagen-Dazs create a new flavors every year too. With dreams and strong determination, Reuben Mattus can pursue his dream.


    Success Story of Top(The Owner of Tao Kei Noi)

    Do you know Tao Kei Noi? Have you ever buy it in supermarket or Seven Eleven? Tao Kei Noi is a seaweed snack from Thailand. Its taste is so delicious and I like it so bad. For your information, behind this delicious snack there was a success story from its owner, Top Aitthiphat Kulapopngvanich known as Top. Top was a reckless youth who played online games rather than studying. Actually, he was a game online addict. He sold his online game weapons to his online-gamers and got a lot of money. He learned how to make money with his hobbies. He found out that he had a passion in entrepreneur world. But soon after, as it was an illegal thing to do online, his online account had been blocked by the server. With his saving, he found new business opportunity to sell DVD players to proof his father that he could be a success entrepreneur. Later, he found out that all the DVD player were fake branded. His father was so mad and disappointed. At this point, he realized the importance of studies and knowledge. What made things worse was his family bankruptcy. His family had no choice to chose to move to China while Top struggling to make his own way surviving in Thailand. His father then advised him to study at the Thai Chamber of Commerce University. Actually what he did was not studying in there, he just put a record in the class then went to local mall where he set up a business selling roasted chestnuts with his uncle and made his first million. He learned his way making a living by resourcing and observing his surrounding. Finding a good location to set-up, sell and promote. But success didn’t come easily. He went through difficult time before he found an inspiration from his lover. She gave him a piece of seaweed for him, and he saw the chances. He recreated the dried-fried-seaweed which sells to most convenience stores in Thailand and I found them few years back then in Singapore and Indonesia. Top’s mom told him, “Something will come near you while something will go far from you”. His lover left him because he was too focused on business and neglected his lover. Nothing comes easily. Sometimes in order to gain some, you have to lose some. I do understand this sentence well. No pain, no gain.

    Source :

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  15. Name : Junika Pentarosa
    Student Number : C1L014025

    Business Success Story of Chairul Tanjung

    Chairul Tanjung was born in Jakarta june 16th 1962 from a simple family of A.G. Tanjung and Halimah. He graduated from sman 1 budi utomo Jakarta at 1981 and continue his study at University of Indonnesia in Dentistry course. In college he began his business career, and he got an award as a good student in Indonesia. To make his collage life keep fulfill, he selling the books and shirt in his college. He also make an effort that is photocopy in his college. He have make a doctor stuff store and laboratory in central Jakarta but it get bankrupt. At the first, he build Pt. Pariati Shindutama with his friends in 1987. He make good profit, but because of there are different mission he dissever himself. He repositioning the three business such as finance, property and multimedia. In finance area be taking mega bank and built that company with other groups. In property area, Para Group have Bandung Supermall. Para Group make Bandung Supermall as central business district in 1999. In investment area, at the beginning 2010, Para Group through Trans Corp, signing contracts of modality with a sum of 40%, may 12th 2010 in France. Forbes magazine list of the most wealthy people in the world in 2010. Based on Forbes Magazine, Chairul Tanjung belong the richest people from Indonesia. Forbes stated that Chairul Tanjung is ranked 11th in the most wealthy Indonesian people with US$ 2,1 billion affluence and ranked 937th with a total of affluence US$ 1 billion. In 2014 he is ranked 375th with US$ 4 billion affluence. December 1st 2011, he announce officially Para Group became CT Corp. CT Corp consist of Mega Corp, Trans Corp and CT Global Resource include financial, media, retail, lifestyle, entertainment, and natural resources. According to him, business requires partner and developing networks. Building trusts is the same as shaping integrity. In a matter of investment, the most important belief is idealism, that even the local business can prosper and made its way to become a multinational one. In doing business, the key is patience and hardwork.

    NIM : C1L014036

    Success story of Walt Disney

    Walter Elias Disney or people known as Walt Disney was a film producer, director, animator, and voice actor, the U.S nationality. He was born in Chicago Illinois, United States, December 5, 1901. He began his career in cartoons and set up a film studio. For 43 years in Hollywood he has won 48 academy awards, emmy awards, and other award as well. He has pioneer in the world of cartoons. Walt Disney grew up with his family on a farm, near Marceline, Massouri. But crop failures in a row to make his father had to sell the farm and buy a small newspaper company local area. To save the cost of hiring employees, his father told, Walt and his brother work at the small company. After growing up, Walt clean hard to decide to enter the armed sevices, but was rejected. To return to his parents, he was embarrassed, because he often say that the army job is a job of the rich. He doesn’t have any money, eventually stay behind a small workshop with a bench obsolete, and worse still he had to go once a week sneaking into town station only to “steal” a bath. He realize there might continue to live like this. Walt finally did realize that the only thing he had was still drawing talent. He borrowed money from his brother and went to Hollywood. Apparently not an easy thing, because no one of the studio who will receive it, even for the least work. Learn from that, Walt bought a blank paper and start drawing. Then he came back again and then there is one studio that is interested in walt incredible talent. They even immediately ordered one story “Alice In The Wonderland” in cartoon form moves with the price $1,500. The outcome of his movie, he improve his life, buying a home, making the studio, and married with Lilian Bounds. He makes Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Pluto. And creating animated films like Snow White, Cinderella, Peterpan and Bambi. In 1955 Walt build a playground in Anaheim, California, we often know as “Disneyland”.

  17. Name : M.Iskandar.Dz.A
    Student number : C1L014027

    Success stoy of Bob Sadino

    Bob sadino (Lampunng, 3 march 1933), you can called him om bob. He is a businessman from indonesia who do business in the field of food and livestcks. He is the owner of kemchick and kemfood. Bob born from an affluent familiy, he was the youngest of five children. When his parents died, bob was 19 years old and inherits all the family wealth. Bob then spent most of his wealth to travel the world. And than, he stop in netherland and settled for approximately 9 years. There, he work in Djakarta Lloyd in the city of amsterdan and also hamburg, Germany. When living in netherland, he found his live partner, Soelami Soejoed. On 1967, Bob retrurn to Indonesia. He brought 2 mercedes made in 1960. One of its he sold to buy a plot of land in Kemang, south jakarta. Bob decides to quit of his job because he has the determination to work by himself. First job after living the company is renting his mercedes, himself become a driver. But unfortunately, he get an accident and his car badly damaged. Because no money to fix it, he decided to work as a mason. His salary when it is only RP.100,-. He had the depression due to the stress they experience live. In fact, if he want, his wife experienced as foreign secretary, could save this situation. Howevwer, bob insisted “im the had of the family, i have to making a living”. One day, his friend suggested raising chickens to fight his depression. He watched the live of the chicken livestock. He get an inspiration, if chicken can fight for live, certainly any human can. As a chicken farmer,bob and hiswife sold a few pounds egg everyday. A year later, he have many subscription, especially fpreigness, because they english is good. They also often gets insults, but they alway look at themself and improve the service. Bob eventually was change,of feudal personal become servants. After that, bob became the sole owner of the supermarket (kemchicks). Bob supermarket business is growing up rapidly, eaching into agribusiness, therefore he also formed a peertnership with a farmer in some areas. Bob believed that every sucsessful step always begins from failures. For him, money isn’t number one, the important things in willingness, commitment, daring look for and takean opportunities. “the most important thingis is an action”, bob said. According to bob, a lot of people start from science, to think andact arrogant, because they knowledge more than the other. While bob always flexible to customers, willing listen the suggestion and customer complaints. Because of that, he always tried to serve the customer as well as he can. Return to their homeland, after Bob received the gift of 50 chickens race from his friend, Sri Mulyono Herlambang. From heere bob raise up . he managed to become the sole owner of kemchick and enterpreneur vegetbles cultivation hydroponic system. Then there kemfoof, meat processing plant in pulogadung. The first note on 19985 shows, an average per month, bob companies sell 40-50 tons of fresh meat, 60-70 tons of processed meat, and 100 tons fresh vegetables. “i living from a fantasy” bob said described the succsess of their businesses. Uncle bob, you can call him that, didn’t wantto move beyond the food business. For him, the field ispracticed now is not inexhaustible. Because he didn’t want to fantasize about all sorts.

  18. Nadya Rahmalia Puteri

    Success Strory of Stan Shih the founder of Acer.

    Stan Shih or Shi Zhenrong was born in Taiwan December 8,1944. Stan Shih well known as the founder of Acer. He was born from the poor family and growing old without father. Since he was child,he always helping her mother selling eggs. His independence and entrepreneurial instinct start formed from helping his mother seling eggs.
    After graduated from Taiwan Senior High School,Stan Shih continued his University at National Jiao Tong University of Taiwan,and after graduated from National Jao Tonng University he took master's in electrical engineering in university in taiwan.
    In 1976 Stan shih and His Wife created Multitech,and after that changed its name became Acer in 1987. Gradually he pioneered the company has grown as a leading computer company in Taiwan and will be one of the biggest companies in the world, then in the mid 1990s, Stan makes a success of Acer as one of the top brands in the world in terms of product PC (Personal computer) which began to compete with the Japanese giants such as NEC and Toshiba, and competitors from Europe and America such as Dell and Hewlett-Packard.
    And After reach aged of 60 he decided to quit his position as the leader of Computer Company in Taiwan. Because,he believe that his company wont developed more than this if the learder was an aciant person. So he believe its company will growing as the developed of this eras with the new young mature leader.

  19. Name : Diyan Hera Prasanti
    Student Number : C1L014038

    Success Story of Marta Tilaar
    Martha Tilaar was born in kebumen central java, 4 September 1937. She is a businessman with a Leading Cosmetics Sariayu Martha Tilaar brand name. She married with H.A.R Tilaar and had four children , Bryan Emil Tilaar , Pink Tilaar , Wulan Tilaar , Kilala Tilaar. She is the figure of a woman who is not unyielding . When others say it is impossible , he still tried . The important thing is not to see the magnitude of the obstacles in front of us , but how we solve problems. Incidentally , her husband had the opportunity to study overseas . She also took a beauty college and graduated from the Academy of Beauty Culture , Bloomington , Indiana , USA .
    Once graduated from the academy beauty Martha practice immediately opened a beauty salon in Uncle Sam's country . She made a sort of simple brochure flyers , promoting salon services. Various promotional efforts done like go to college campuses , visiting the homes of former lecturers to dress the wife. Upon returning to her homeland , she opened a small salon modest home in his father's garage , with a size of 6 x 4 meters in 1970. She continued seeks to develop the cutting room floor , with hand out leaflets to the surrounding environment , the salon and pamper the visitors took their conversation , to get closer emotionally . With the closeness , the visitors become at ease and become regulars salon . Before long , two years later in 1972 she opened a second salon in Jl. Anggur No. 3 Cipete , Kebayoran Baru , South Jakarta , while initiating the use of the new trademark Sariayu Martha Tilaar .
    Martha also tireless continue to explore the natural wealth of Indonesia for salon products. The goal , is to be maintained beauty of Indonesian women and her beauty . Marta Tilaar never met the woman with the child while carrying her two children. Her face looked old , worn and wrinkled . I think she was already entering a period of 40 years . Apparently, not yet twenty- five . Due to the heavy burden of life and never keep beauty , she looked much older than their actual age .
    In 1983 Martha Tilaar Business continues to grow , with the number of companies admitted until then he and his family controlled by PT Martina Berto fully stock . Tilaar established PT Sari Ayu Indonesia , specifically as a distributor of cosmetics products Sariayu Martha Tilaar.
    Martha Tilaar also very keen in seeing and capturing market opportunities . In 1987, she launched the " Senja di Sriwedari " as a new makeup trend , an idea inspired by nature and the richness of Indonesian culture. And products in the market exploded . The makeup much recommend this product to Clients. Since then, Martha Tilaar always include place names and cultural elements of a region, which is then combined with the trend of fashion, to every product Sariayu Martha Tilaar .
    Martha Tilaar business travel is not always smooth . She has experienced ups and downs or highs and lows of business . Although the company has a large and advanced , people
    still only looking at one eye . Understandably, herbal cosmetic products Sariayu Martha Tilaar is identical at all as the local product . People want him thus alone without knowing that the product is already global Martha Tilaar , quality , and prestigious
    As a businessman , apparently unyielding personality was the one who drove him to be successful as it is now . Martha also always think positive and never stopped innovating . Since adolescence , Martha used to sell refreshments to add to the allowance . He also likes to take Sogok telik and Jali-jali , which thrives on land her grandmother, for strung into necklaces and bracelets . The jewelry he sold to his friends at school . Martha also keep a small little things and the details around it. Because her spirit, now she bacame success busnissman in Indonesia and in the world.

  20. Filia Garini

    Success Story of Boenjamin Setiawan, PT. Kalbe Farma Founder

    Boenjamin Setiawan is a physician and a successful businessman in Indonesia. He graduated from the University of Indonesia with the title of doctor. Then he continued his study abroad to get his PhD at University of California in 1966. Dr. Boen began his business when he was young and occupied a medical business. With a high confidence and a minimal background with the needs of national drug in Indonesia, in 1966 he established Kalbe Farma and become a Chairman of the company untill 2008. He is now a Senior Advisor of the company.
    Kalbe has a long history. It was founded by the hard-worker 6 siblings: Khouw Lip Tjoen, Theresia Harsini Setiady, Khouw Lip Swan, Boenjamin Setiawan, Maria Karmila, and Fransiscus Bing Aryanto. Kalbe started its production in a modest garage in Tanjong Priok, North Jakarta. “ I read a lot about companies that started in a garage, and usually they are successful. Like Google, Hewlett Packard, Apple, all started in garage,” said Dr. Boen. Today, that garage no longer exists. Soon, the site will be turned into a hospital for Kalbe’s CSR activities- a fitting locale for such an endeavor. Although strong, Kalbe almost couldn’t survive the 1998’s financial crisis. At that time, Dr. Boen had followed the path taken by others, taking out foreign currency debt (to get lower interest rates) and then almost bankrupt when unable to repay with develuated rupiah. The disguise blessing is that Dr. Boen decided to sell off all his businesses except the pharmaceutical to pay the debt. As with many others, he had expanding his core business into areas such as financial services, property and logistics. Now Kalbe Farma is the biggest pharmaceutical company in Southeast Asia, and Boenjamin Setiawan is Forbes Magazine’s Businessman of The Year 2013.

  21. Nindita Rahmalaudina

    Success Story of Chairul Tanjung

    CT or Chairul Tanjung was born from ordinary family. He never surrender and try to get his success. It's reason why CT be a entrepreneur. But now, he is one of conglomerate in Indonesia with total assets USD 1 billion. He success to raise Mega Bank. He can pass the failure when he build his work and he ever bangkrupt . However, failure is his bestfriend because from failure he can studied more. He have some key to success, there are work hard, work smart and work sincere. Now CT have a business in Trans Corp . Trans Corp move in television area that supervise Trans TV and Trans 7. CT also have Para Group with 5000 employees, Para Inti Holtindo as head industry with 3 firms branch. CT ream his business to have 40% part of Carrefour Indonesia. After it, he become main commissioner on Carrefour Indonesia. CT occupy the 13th from 40 richest people in Indonesia.

    Nim : C1L014012

    The Success Story of Eka Tjipta Widjaja

    If doesn’t know him, so doesn’t know about SINAR MAS GROUP. Eka Tjipta Widjaja live on Makassar and he is a person who just graduated in elementary school, factor family finance. He do not want to life like this forever and do not want to thinking about it. He begin with the little business. Get benefit little by little. Not same like ordinary people. While we can do effort, why not? Mr Eka is a real business man. He get profit to buy some land and sawit farm. After build sawit farm, he establish tea factory. Success and success he make new business in banking. Then to pulp factory which produces paper. Many businesess have developed and makes him in second richest man in the Indonesia

  23. Name : Wasis Yuda Yanti
    NIM : C1L014013

    Success Story of Adam Khoo

    There is a story about a boy who comes from Singapore, his name is Adam Khoo. Every day he just playing games and watching TV. It causes the values of their subject matter is always E (less). This causes Adam Khoo hated school, hated studying, and hated teachers.
    At the time when he school in elementary school, he was expelled from school and moved to another school. When he entered junior high school he was rejected by 6 schools, and finally he join into the worst schools.
    His parents looked panicked and enter into some tutoring, but does not help at all. The average value obtained subjects are 40. Math teacher him was once said, "Why in the junior class 1, Adam Khoo could not do the problems 4th grade?".
    At the age of 13 years, Adam Khoo sent to the Super-Teen Programs are taught by Ernest Wong, who use Accelerated Learning technology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Whole Brain Learning. Since then Adam Khoo belief change. He believes that he can do anything.
    For the first time in his life Adam Khoo dare to determine his target, which gets A. He determines the short-term goal, which makes Vitoria Junior College (best high school in Singapore), the long-term goal of entering the National University of Singapore and the best student there.
    When returned to junior high school,Adam Khoo dare say to his friends in the class that he was going to go and continue to Victoria Junior College and National University of Singapore. Everyone laughed at him, because it never happened in history that the junior high school graduates enter Victoria Junior College and National University of Singapore. Not so lackluster because in laughing, Adam Khoo even more challenged to increasingly work with smart and hard to achieve their dreams and change history.
    Within 3 months the average value rose to 70 in one year, from the lowest ranking he was ranked 18th and when graduated from high school, he was number 1 Pure Ebtanas Rated A for all 6 subjects were tested. He then received at Victoria Junior College and get an A round for three of his favorite subjects. Finally he was accepted at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and because in each year the university he became champion, Adam Khoo finally put NUS Talent Development Programme. This program is specifically given to the TOP 10 students who are considered geniuses.
    A fool who had now become a genius, how could they? All it can. Adam Khoo prove with confidence and strong determination to change eventually can become a genius when once he was stupid. At the age of 26 years he has four businesses with turnover US $ 20 million

  24. Name: Abiyyu Dzaky Wicaksono
    NIM: C1L014040

    Success Story of Adolf Dassler, the Founder of Adidas

    Adolf Dassler was the founder of the World’s second biggest sportswear manufacturing company Adidas. His father Christoph worked in a shoe factory and mother ran a laundry service. His elder brother Rudolf Dassler would manufacture the handmade spikes for the track shoes in their blacksmith’s shop and later founded the multinational company of athletic shoes and sportswear PUMA.
    Adolf Dassler was also trained as a cobbler and from very early age loved experimenting with innovative designs and ideas. At the age of 20, he began designing and producing soccer, tennis and athletic shoes by taking suggestions from trainers, doctors, coaches and other athletes. His brand earned international attention after the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, when Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals wearing his brand.
    In 1948, after several years of conflict, both brother finally decided to split and his older brother Rudolf left the company and founded another big brand Puma. In 1949, he designed shoes with the company trademark of three black stripes modeled with rubber studs. The brand reputation later strengthened with its use by several Olympic medal winners, world record makers and football players. In recognition of his work he was inducted in the Hall of Fame. It is said that Adolf Dassler, along with his team of designers and developers acquires over 700 patents.
    Born: On November 3, 1900 in Herzogenaurach, Kingdom of Bavaria, Germany
    Died: On September 6, 1978 in Herzogenaurach, West Germany.

    Adolf Dassler Quotes:
    “You need good thinkers around you. Without them, you will go broke.”
    “Without Jesse Owens record setting performance, our company would never have gained international popularity.”
    “It really wasn’t a job to me. It was more of a need, desire and shear love of helping athletes.”
    “I grew up in a working class family. We weren’t poor, but we were awful close.”
    “Business is never easy, even when working with family.”
    “Without my brothers, I would not have been as successful as I was.”
    “People may call me the father of the modern sports industry, but all I am is an athlete that saw a benefit to improving equipment.”

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  26. Nama: Reyno Julfan Mauli
    NIM : C1L014011

    Success story of Enzo Ferrari

    Having no other job prospects, Ferrari eventually settled for a job at a smaller car company called CMN (it:Costruzioni Meccaniche Nazionali), redesigning used truck bodies into small passenger cars. He took up racing in 1919 on the CMN team, but had little initial success.
    He left CMN in 1920 to work at Alfa Romeo and racing their cars in local races. He had more success in this. In 1923, racing in Ravenna, he acquired the Prancing Horse badge which decorated the fuselage of Francesco Baracca's (Italy's leading ace of WWI) SPAD S.XIII fighter, given from his mother, taken from the wreckage of the plane after his mysterious death. This icon would have to wait until 1932 to be displayed on a racing car.
    In 1924 Ferrari won the Coppa Acerbo at Pescara. His successes in local races encouraged Alfa to offer him a chance of much more prestigious competition. Ferrari turned this opportunity down and did not race again until 1927. He continued to work directly for Alfa Romeo until 1929 before starting Scuderia Ferrari as the racing team for Alfa.
    Ferrari managed the development of the factory Alfa cars, and built up a team of over forty drivers, including Giuseppe Campari and Tazio Nuvolari. Ferrari himself continued racing until 1932.
    The support of Alfa Romeo lasted until 1933, when financial constraints made Alfa withdraw. Only at the intervention of Pirelli did Ferrari receive any cars at all. Despite the quality of the Scuderia drivers, the company won few victories. Auto Union and Mercedes dominated the era, but Ferrari achieved a notable victory when Tazio Nuvolari beat them on their home turf at the German Grand Prix in 1935.
    Ferrari's management style was autocratic and he was known to pit driver against driver in the hope of improving performance. Following the deaths of Giuseppe Campari in 1933 and Alberto Ascari in 1955, both of whom he had a strong relationship with, he chose not to get too close to his drivers.

  27. Name: Muhammad Raka
    NIM: C1L014024

    Success Story of Steve Jobs, the Founder of Apple
    Steve Jobs struggled in school. From his early days in elementary school, where he grew frustrated with formal schooling to college, where he dropped out after just one semester, Jobs did not like school because he didn’t believe it had practical application in his life.
    But not finishing his education didn’t stop him from becoming CEO of one of the world’s most innovative technological companies. Jobs used some of what he learned in school to help him create many of his Apple products, but he also used life experience.
    Jobs preached that no matter what happens in your life—struggles in school or an unsuccessful career path—every aspect will somehow help you down the road.
    "Again, you can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards," Jobs said. "So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something—your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life."
    Jobs gave an inspiring commencement address at Stanford in 2005. You can watch it by playing the bottom video above.

  28. Farida Nur Aida

    Success Story of Ir. Ciputra

    Ciputra is the pioneer of modern property business in Indonesia and the founder and first chairman of REI (Indonesian association of real estate company), so he called Mr. Real Estate Indonesia. Ciputra is also the first Indonesian who is believed to be the World President of FIaBCI, an international organization of employers real estate. For consumers property, Ciputra’s name has become a brand that promises quality products while prospects for profitable investment. Now he manages 5 property group with assets of 25 trillion rupiah, that are Jaya, Metropolitan, Pondok Indah, Bumi Serpong Damai, and Ciputra Development.

    The success does not just happen. At the age of 12, his father died were killed by Japanese soldiers. Since then he has struggled to provide for his family. After graduated from high school, he continued his study in Architecture ITB, though the situation at that time was very poor. He was forced to college while working. He started his career in the real estate business without significant capital. Over time he began to make a profits from his business. One of the prestigious project is Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. Through his creativity, he managed to turn the useless swamp land became the most famous kids playground in Indonesia.

    The secret of success from Mr. Ciputra only two things, which has a creative dream and make it happen through hard work. Now he is developing excellent schools and universities for the Indonesian children. His business properties have also begun to spread to neighboring countries.

    NIM: C1L014033

    Success story of Andrew Darwis (Founder of Kaskus)

    Andrew Darwis is one of the businessman who success in Indonesia. He was the richest man in Indonesia for founder of Kaskus. He graduated from Bina Nusantara University (1998), Art Institute of Seattle (2003), and Seattle University (2006). But his career start from 1998, he was work part time job at web design of and At 1999 Andrew was lecture in Seattle University. Initially, Andrew gets the task to make a personal website. From the task, he was inspired to make website forum community with named KASKUS. Andrew helped by two friends, his friends name is Ronald and Budi. They cooperation to make website forum with initial capital about estimated US$ 7 to buy a server, but at one time, Ronald and Budi retire from the function because they think that the website doesn’t get profit. When his friends were retired Andrew still develops the website, he thinks that website forum or KASKUS can be the biggest website forum. At first, the website contains about information and this website publishes in U.S. But, at 2008 his brother who name is Ken Dean ask to Andrew to bring the website into Indonesia, because he know if KASKUS become the biggest website forum community In Indonesia. At 2008, KASKUS just have 360.000 members, but now KASKUS have 6.000.000 members and 28.000.000 users. Now KASKUS get income more than 2 billion rupiah. Andrew says “doing something that we like”

  30. Eko Fajar Sulaiman

    Success Story of Soichiro Honda

    Soichiro Honda, a Japanese engineer, industrialist, and founder of the automobile giant Honda Motor Co., Ltd, was born to a talented and honest blacksmith, Gihei and Mika, an accomplished weaver. He spent his early childhood assisting his father with his bicycle repair business. From the very early years of his life, Honda showed tremendous curiosity and dexterity about machines. After completing school, at the age 15, Honda began his career in Arto Shokai in Tokyo as an apprentice auto repairman. In 1928, after returning home he opened a branch shop for the firm in Hamamatsu, Japan. In 1940s, he manufactured a small engine that could be attached to a bicycle to create a motorbike and his attempt became successful. His first success encouraged him to jump into the competitive marketplace of car and his precedent success assisted him to go ahead and receive success.

    In 1972, Honda entered the US car market with its new model Honda Civic and it was an instant success. In less than 5 years, he sold 375,000 Civic in the US market. Civic continued to be Honda’s bestselling car selling a total of 18 million units as of now. In coming years, Honda launched several successful models and reached all the continents in the world. In the late 1970s while Toyota and Nissan could manage to sell one-third of their cars to the United States, Honda sold half of his cars in that market. In 1988, Honda became the first Japanese car-maker to be inducted into the Automobile Hall of Fame.

    Honda’s humble beginning, persistence and determination made him one of the most powerful and influential businessmen of twentieth century. His story is known to be the most inspirational story that teaches us how to defeat stumbling blocks and win.

  31. Edwin Theo Mangasih

    Success Story of Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook)

    Zuckerberg was born in 1984, Zuckerberg was born in 1984 in White Plains, New York. He is the son of dentist Edward Zuckerberg and psychiatrist Karen Kempner.
    Mark Zuckerberg started programming while he was in high school and was happiest when devising programs for games and tools for communication. While in school he developed a program to help the workers in his father’s office communicate with each other. He also developed a music player that used artificial intelligence to learn users' listening habits. This was when he came to the attention of Microsoft and AOL. Both organizations tried to recruit him, while offering to buy up his developed music player software. Mark Zuckerberg preferred to stay out of these corporations and opted instead to go to Harvard. Together with his college roommates and fellow Harvard University students Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes, Zuckerberg launched Facebook from Harvard's dormitory rooms. The group then introduced Facebook onto other campuses nationwide and moved to Palo Alto, California shortly afterwards. In 2007, Zuckerberg announced a Facebook Platform that allowed programmed developers to create social applications within the website. This led to the phenomenal development of the site with over 400,000 developers vying with each other to put up their applications on Facebook. This has led to users of Facebook now being numbered in millions and becoming a social networking site that is in use all over the world.

  32. Sofha munaya

    success story of iwan sunito

    Iwan sunito is a man who born in Surabaya in 1966, but he life at small town in Kalimantan often called Borneo. Iwan continuing study junior and senior high school in Surabaya and then he continuing education to Australia. Iwan study at new south wales university Australia. He join to architecture. And then he countinue S2 with the same university before and take a construction management specialist.
    After he graduate iwan work in one of company who make a project olyimpic 2000 in Australia.
    But iwan realize if iwan always work in other people firms he will never catch his own iwan take a big decision, he resign from that company and starting a business property development.because the nominal invest is so large iwan also invites her two friends to doing that project together. In 1996 formed crown international group which is the result of several corporate mergers.
    Iwan prefer to business in Australia than Indonesia , because Australia is transparant to make a clearance.not like Indonesia which always makes difficult for entrepreneurs. Now iwan has become a CEO crown group in Sydney Australia and he share her story life to public through a book entitled “From borneo to Bloomberg”

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    Success Story of Top Ittipat (Tao Kae Noi)

    Aitthipat Kulapongvanich or we known as Top Ittipat, a young man from Thailand who has become a young billionaire at age 26 years. Maybe you do not know the name of Top Ittipat, but you must have seen his snack that make him become a millionare, the snack is Tao Kae Noi seaweed that we can buy in mini market or super market in Indonesia.
    Aitthipat Kulapongvanich born in 1984 is just an ordinary high schooler boy who addicted to game online until one day in that game someone offer the money to buy the equipment of that online game. Of course that way is illegal but he does not think the risk about that. Maybe this is the starter for Top to think about the business.
    Although his family run into a financial crisis in 1997, Top said that he can keep him alive and well thorough because of the sale of goods and property in online games. Through it, he gets about 400 thousand baht per month or the equivalent of 130 million rupiah. That way, he does not need to ask for pocket money from his family. Of the online gaming business, Top can buy a car and keep financial circumstances. But since this is a business that says it is illegal online games Top accounts closed by the bank, it is also exacerbated by the family financial situation. In 2002, his family went bankrupt Because of this, he had to get out of school and start to do business to pay family debts.
    From the rest of the money owned by the Top, he tried to set up businesses DVD Player, but also bad luck in this venture. He tricked, all the DVD player he bought are counterfeit goods and non-refundable.
    His saddest day is while he saw at that time while his mom is crying because debt collectors. Through this, in his age at 18 years old he using get inspiration from the Chinese people in Thailand who are in Chinatown, Bangkok. He saw the Chinese people like to eat walnuts, which is only found in Chinatown. He thought what if he introduces the walnuts into the shopping malls. Within one and a half years, he managed to open 30 stores of walnuts in shopping malls at Thailand. But, the shops and malls began refusing Top Ittipat this product because of the smell and the smoke during cooking that filled the room. Then Top’s business become decreased dramatically.
    But he can’t give up until he reach his success, then he tries to sell seaweed. Unexpected by Top the seaweed become one of the best-selling products. He started making his own brand of products and marketing to the 7-Eleven in Thailand. Tao Kae Noi own name came from his father who laugh at him "our children want to be a Tao Kae Noi". Tao Kae Noi itself means a young millionaire.
    7-Eleven does not directly receive the products, the management of the hardware criticized that "the package is too ugly." He spent 2 months to design the product packaging and finally he got the good news of the "7-Eleven" that wants its products in more than 3,000 branches. Although he gained a very large order, he had to go through to produce their products without any experience through factory production management science in his food. Moreover, he also had to get GMP certification as a condition of 7-Eleven also within 2 months. In the end, he made it through the challenge and 2 years later Top managed to pay the entire debt rebuilding his family followed his family home. Starting from that, the market continues to grow and Top products increasingly recognized until now. He have more than 2000 staff and has a turnover of 326 billion rupiah. The story of his life, made a Thai movie with the title "Top Secret: The Billionaire" which tells how the Top Ittipat can become a millionaire, although faced with various obstacles and challenges. You might be interested to watch it.

  35. Adlina Nindra Hapsari

    Success stories about “keripik Maicih”

    Less than a year, 'keripik setan' iconic branded snack Maicih be phenomenal in Bandung. Until now, many people are curious about the spicy snack. At first, Reza found chips recipe from an old lady. Reza meet the figure of Ma-Ma (grandmothers) who does have pepper crisps or chips recipe that tastes good demon. Ma-Ma figure is not named Maicih. Reza itself make the name to be more eccentric and memorable people. Then start a business Reza Maicih spicy chips is working with manufacturers in Cimahi spicy chips in mid-2010 with a capital of 15 million and 50 packs per day production. Variants gurilem chips and originally only produced from level 1 up to level 5 and marketed by way around and take advantage of the social media accounts of word of mouth with the hashtag #maicih. In early 2011, the domestic industry was inaugurated officially by the name of CV. 29 Synergy. The company went on to achieve success with the public and became known trademark 'Maicih' on Februari2011 and covered by one of the events in program on Trans TV News Reality Frame. Reza Nurhilman with the team using the official Twitter account of the company marketinginfomaicih as their main weapon.Then PT. Core Synergy maicih secede from the initial manufacturer and have our own factory as demand has increased which was formally established in 2011 by Reza Nurhilman as Commissioner. To prevent counterfeiting, product, logo 'Maicih' started patented copyright. Maicih products from PT. Maicih Core Synergy are: level 3 spicy chips, spicy chips level 5, level 10 spicy chips, fried meatballs (basreng), gurilem, seblak original spicy, and spicy cheese seblak. Maicih products from PT. Core Synergy maicih official can only be obtained at the General and General Team on twitterinfomaicih listed. Achievement Maicih today are variants of the product has made a spicy chips up to level 10, very high consumer demand with production capacity up to 2000 packs per day now, the turnover of the shopping chips made by the generals who reached 7 billion per month, and marketing reach all Indonesian territory. In addition, the one that makes it unique from Maicih is a designation or a term thrown Maicih management when communicating with customers and prospective customers through twitter. There's "Mother" (grandmother) for making chips Maicih and "grandson" to consumers. Then, there is "General" for resellers, "Icihers" for fans Maicih slang term, "Republic Maicih" to management, to the term "tericih-Icih" to describe the spiciness Maicih addiction. With the tagline: "For Ichihers With Love", Maicih want to look closer to his fans, always spoiling fans throughout the archipelago with quality taste. The process of marketing this product was different from the other Bandung unique snack. Prospective customers can only find out where Maicih sell each day through the microblogging site twitter. Each day will provide newsInfoMaicih where Maicih products can be obtained. Maicih marketing team called the General, will sell products Maicih in certain locations. Starting from campus, office, or other public places. They always position the mobile suit the generals. A fairly unique way of marketing is proven to boost Maicih name in the world of twitter because many are curious as to what the product Maicih because reading twitter user chirp about this Maicih milling all the time.

  36. Name : Rizkia Vionanda
    NIM : C1L014034

    Success story of Prabowo Subianto

    Prabowo (born 17 october 1951 Jakarta, Indonesia). his religion is islam.
    Prabowo is the soon of Sumitro Djojohadikusumo an indonesia economis't and Dora Sigar. He is also the former husband of Siti Hediati the late president suharto's daughter, and his son is Didit Hediprasetyo.
    In 1970 he enrolled in indonesia's Military Academy in Magelang and he graduate in 1974 with others would gain senior leadership position, in 1976 , Prabowo served in the Indonesian National Army Special Force Kopassus and was assigned as the commander of group 1 , which was one of the indonesian army's Nanggala Commando Units in east Timor, until on 20 March 1998 ,prabowowas appointed head of the 27000- strongArmy strategic reserve command, they key Jakarta garrison that suharto had commanded in 1965.

    Business Carier of Prabowo Subianto
    After leaving his military, Prabowo Joined his Brother Hashim Djojohadikusumo's Business. He purchased kiani kertas, a paper pulp and plantation company based in mangkajang. He rebranded Kiani Kertas to Kertas Nusantara. On 1990 the company has established an area of 3.400 hectares used for paper mills,employee housing,private schools and various company facilities. Kiani has been awarded ISO 900-2005 as one of the highest quality management company.
    In 2007 , PT Ridlatama whose majorit stakeholder was british-based churchill PLC conducted a geo-survey in east kalimantan area for coal. Two months after that ,east kutai officials granted mining licenses to Nusantara Energy operate in the area surveyed by ridlatama, and in 2012 churchill appealed to the supreme court of indonesia but lost the case, and than churchill filed a case againts the goverment of indonesia in International Center for Settlement of Invesment Disputes.Indonesia argued that ICSID had no authority to arbitrate.
    In 2014 until now the rgent of kutai, isran Noor,Publicly endorsed Prabowo Subianto as presidential candidate and he also considers pressing a criminal charge against churchill, alleging that churchill forged it is license


    Johnny Andrean the founder of donuts and Coffee

    Who doesn’t know one of the most favourite donuts outlets . Many people think that is foreign store.. don’t you know that the founder of those delicious donuts is an Indonesian? Yes! He is Johnny Andrean. Maybe some of you, mostly girls are familiar with that name because he is also the owner of Johnny Andrean salon.’s development growing fast since the first outlet built in Supermal Karawaci in 2005 and now even very popular in Singapore and Malaysia.
    The man behind this success achievement, Johnny, was an ordinary boy who came from Singkawang, West Kalimantan. His parents are sellers of crops and salon manager. Johnny went to Jakarta in the 80s armed with the knowledge of his mother's salon and was able to survive by establishing tiny salon in North Jakarta. Hair salon business was later developed into a large and very well known. In addition to the salon, he also bought franchiser BreadTalk and develop in Indonesia.
    Johnny built Jco with open kitchen system so the customers will be able to see the process of the Donuts. He made donuts by using modern machinery, ranging from dough, how to cook, and close to the surface of donuts with ingredients that characterize each type of donut. Nearly half of the raw material is imported, chocolate from Belgium and milk imported from New Zealand. Coffee bean to beverage imported from Italy and Costa Rica.
    To make a high quality donuts, the process wasn’t instant. Johnny must went travelling to America to learn the concept of marketing, Eropa to study the affairs of presentation also Japan to the display of its outlets.
    Gita as the closest friend of Johnny Andrean Corporate Public Relations gives his views on his boss. He said, "He's a typical workaholic guy. Although he's a leader, he does not hesitate to jump directly into the field. Even when necessary, Saturday and Sunday he got into office only to accompany us. "
    From his stories, we can conclude that Johnny is a hard worker guy. And he’s not easily get satisfy with his achievement also the innovation in the company is a must. No matter from where you come from, or how impossible it sounds, if you work hard and focus then you will get success.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.


    succes story of Merry Riana

    Merry Riana an entrepreneur women who were successful in the young age she is also a speaker, trainer and become a Motivator Women No. 1 in Asia. she was born on may 29, 1980 in Jakarta, Merry Riana was born and grew up in Jakarta in a modest families. Merry began to learn on the bench at the college majoring in some electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) at the end of 1998. Without adequate preparation to enroll in a foreign country, Merry had failed to test in English at Nanyang Technological University. Without adequate funding provisions for preparation, Merry borrowed from Singapore Government. He borrowed scholarship from the Central Bank Singapore Government of $40,000 and must be paid after he graduated. Because they have no educational background and experience business, Merry gather information to follow various seminars and engage in student organization that related to world of business. Completed college, then Merry prepare themselves to mature. Learning from the experiences of successful entrepreneur, he started from the sector sales in financial services. Start your career When Merry as a financial adviser, he must wrestled with several challenges and obstacles. Until finally he successfully as Financial Consultant who sell products financial and banking issues such as insurance,credit card.deposit,saving,etc. In the first six months his career in Prudential, Merry which repay debts of 40 thousand Singapore dollars. And in 2003, made lifelong Merry Advisor an ideal country at the top New have envisioned many people who use professional financial adviser. In 2004, achievements Merry make it promoted as the manager. Merry and started its business itself after a manager. She built MRO PURCHASES (Merry Riana Organization). With her team in MAJOR MRO VENDORS, Merry has a program of empowering women and children and young people. In the 30th birthday, Merry make a resolution, there is a positive impact on the one million people in Asia, especially in the land she birth, Indonesia. In 2005, Merry received the award as Top Agency of the Year and Top Rookie Agency. Up to now Merry had motivated and trained thousands professionals and executives in the field sales, motivation and marketing. The subsidiary, Merry overshadowed 40 financial adviser, that uniquely have a relatively young age (between 21- 30-year).Merry said that his motivation is not just coming from a desire to give a better life in his parents but also from his ambition to help young people to do the same. She hopes that the young people to be able to give a better life, not only for themselves but also parents and their family members.


    Success Story of Bill Gates (The Founder of Microsoft Corp)

    Who doesn’t know him? He is the founder of Microsoft and also the richest man in the world.
    But, it is certainly done through a long process. It all started with his dream when he was young. During the 70s, he likes to tamper around with the computer program to achieve a goal and that goal was to bring computers into every household, because during that time the computers are considered large and only used for certain things.
    When he was in Elementary school, his parents attended him to Lakeside School, an all-boys boarding school. At that school he discovered the field of programming for the first time. At that time he discovered the teletype machine, a kind of typewriter that could be given a simple program. Basing of that machine, he began to master the basic programming language. After that he joined the community of programmers and often spent long hours to pursue his hobbies.
    He developed his talent while studying at Harvard University. However, during his studies, his ambition encouraged him to reach his dreams instead of completing his studies. He chose to drop out and was strongly committed to realize his ambition.
    His commitments are shown by his perseverance; therefore his hobby of creating computer program slowly became a profitable business. He then came across Paul Allen, a colleague who then worked together to achieve his initial dream of bringing computers into every household. Their teamwork resulted in numbers of excellent programs, one of them being MS-DOS which many use for software computers.
    As the result, as many people can see now. Bill Gate’s dream has become a reality. Almost every household has a computer and the operating systems are mostly Microsoft. This is the reason why his profits are expanding.

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  42. Izhar Allessandria Mardini

    Succes story about Robin Li. The founder of Baidu

    Recently, Robin Li become popular and discussed by a lot of people. Baidu Co-Founder and Internet entrepreneur Robin Li is the richest man in China. In 2000, teamed up together with his his friend, Eric Xu, they founded the most popular search engine in China, Li is not only as the founder, but also the chairman and chief executive officer Baidu, Inc.
    He was honored with the title “the Chinese Top Ten Innovative Pioneers”. He was in CNN Money’s annual list of “50 people who matter now”. He was enlisted as one of the 15 Asian Scientist To Watch by Asian Scientist Magazine and was ranked 95th in the Forbes Global List with an possessions worth of $9.4 billion. He was also chosen as the “Most Influental Business Leader in China” as well as “Best Business Leader” by Fortune and American Business Weekly and several for his accomplishments
    Robin Li was born in Yangquan of Shanxi Province in northern China to factory worker parents. Although he has 4 sisters and he is the only boy in his family, he has a big responsibilty toward his family.Like most of the kids in his neighborhood, Li spent his childhood in hardships and lack of better education. However, his mother taught him to stay motivated for a better tomorrow. He still remember his mother’s words in order to reach a better future, “Our family is not a rich family. So, if you want to get a better job and better life, you have to study hard and ensure you get into the best college”
    Li never forgot his mother’s words and studied harder. His talent can be seen since in senior high school. He often joined in a computer contest. Because of his achievement, he got into the prestige Peking University and completed Bachelor of Science degree in library information management. On completion of studies in 1991, he took up a temporary job and worked for one and a half year. After submit a lot of application to various of university in U.S. Finally he moved to the U.S. on a fellowship program and attended The State University of New York at Buffalo and earned a doctoral degree in computer science. In 1994, he received his Master of Science degree but didn’t continue with the PhD. Then, Li get a job at New Jersey divison of Dow Jones and Company, IDD Information Services, ,as an accountant. At the same time, he works as a software developer for the online edition of The Wall Street Journal. He also develop a site-scoring algorithm for search engine page ranking. And then he received the patent for his development and label it ‘Rankdex’. One year later he move to Infoseek, a Disney’s search engine company. But he frustated because of the less comitment of Disney to their own company, Infoseek. In 1997 he left the company to start working on his own search engine

  43. Maritha Kusuma Wardani

    Success story from Bob Sadino
    Bob Sadino (Lampung, March 9, 1933), or fondly called om Bob, was a businessman from Indonesia who do business in the field of food and livestock. He is the owner of the business network and Kemchick Kemfood. In many occasions, he was often seen using a short-sleeved shirt and shorts that became his trademark. Bob Sadino born from an affluent family. He was the youngest of five children. When his parents died, Bob who was then 19 years old inherited all the wealth his family because the other siblings are considered to settle down.
    One day, his friend Bob suggested raising chickens to fight his depression. Bob's interested. When raising chickens that's emerging entrepreneurial inspiration. He watched the life of the chickens flocks. He was inspired, the chicken can only fight for life, of human being can, too.
    As a chicken farmer, Bob and his wife, every day selling a few kilograms of eggs. Within one and a half years, he and his wife have many customers, especially foreigners, because they are fluent in English. Bob and his wife lived in the area of ​​Kemang, Jakarta, where there are many foreigners settled.
    Not infrequently the couple are insulted customers, maid stranger though. But they mirror on ourselves, improve the service. Drastic changes were to happen to Bob, from feudal to private servants. After that, over time the silver-haired Bob, became sole owner of the supermarket (the supermarket) Kem Chicks. He always performed with simple short-sleeved shirt and shorts.
    Bob's supermarket business is growing rapidly, reaching into agribusiness, especially horticulture, managing vegetable gardens for the consumption of foreigners in Indonesia.Therefore he also formed a partnership with farmers in some areas.
    Bob believes that every step of success is always preceded failures. Entrepreneurial journey is not as smooth as it seems. He and his wife often turned upside down. For him money is not the number one. The important thing is the willingness, commitment, daring to seek and seize opportunities.
    In the mind of someone doing something develops, the plan should not always raw and stiff, which is in one's self is the development of what he had done. The weakness of many, too many thinkers to make a plan so that he did not immediately step. "The most important action," said Bob.
    Bob's success is inseparable from ignorance, so he immediately jumped into the field.After ups and downs, Bob skilled and master the field. Bob the success of the process is different from the prevalence, it should start from the science and practice, and become skilled and professional.
    According to Bob, many people who started from the knowledge, thinking and acting all-powerful, arrogant, because it feels to have knowledge than others.

    NIM : C1L013030


    I think if we will begin a new business we do it with hard work,passion,patient,and never give up.. and the important think dont be afraid to fail. why i can say like this because i had read and watching about the "TOP" passion to build his new bussiness.

    why choose the story because i very impressed about he develope and try a business seaweed "TAO KAI NOI"
    he developing his business use a simple strategy he saw many people comsuption seaweed .
    and he think how to make seaweed deliciouse,tasteful and last long experied.
    with the struggle he can get the success from seaweed .

  45. Ray Pascalis Putera DjwantoroSeptember 8, 2014 at 9:47 AM

    Name : Ray Pascalis Putera Djwantoro
    NIM : C1L013032

    Success story of Ashley Qualls (founder of

    In 2004, a 14 year old Qualls had a million-dollar idea (quite literally) when she started a website called

    Originally was just a website she started from her basement as a hobby, where she put up pictures and graphics that she created,

    turned into a website that provided free MySpace layouts and HTML tutorials to tweens – a demographic that made up a huge proportion of MySpace users back then – where

    they could learn about coding and get cool designs for their social profiles.

    All tutorials and layouts were free, and advertisements were the sole source of revenue for the website.

    The website started receiving a ton of visitors, and several times more traffic than popular teen magazines such as Seventeen and CosmoGirl! In fact

    was such a massive success that by 17, Qualls was a millionaire!

    One of the truly amazing aspects of Qualls’s story and her journey to becoming a millionaire at just 17 years of age is that unlike many other millionaires out there –

    and indeed some of those on this list – Qualls didn’t actually sell anything!

    I choose this story because i think we must made Qualls as an example of a young successful entrepreneurs. If Qualls can do it, why we cant ? we already 17 years old,

    while Qualls has started its business since 14 years old. i think this story can inspirate us to be more productive

  46. Ratna Mutyasari

    Success story of Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC
    Who does not know the famous fast food Kentucky Fried Chicken or well known as KFC?
    KFC is the one of the biggest fast food corporation in the world. Talk about one of the biggest fast food in the world is not suited if we does not know who is the founder.
    Harland Sanders or Colonel Sanders the founder of KFC, who was born on September, 9 1890. He has a younger sister and a younger brother. when he was 6 his father passed away, so he just live with his mother and his siblings. At 7 years old his mother taught him an art of cooking because he has to take care of his siblings while his mother had to go to work. Quickly he can be a master for many dishes, and who did know that would be changing his future.
    At 40 years old Sanders became famous because of his chicken restaurant, in 1935 he was honorary colonel by the governor of Kentucky for his cooking skills. but the fortune is not always in our side. at 60 years old he had to shut the restaurant down because there would built a highway on his restaurant where was located. Because of that he decided to retired and received his salary which was for one hundred and five dollars.
    But Colonel Sanders at 65 years old - that is not young anymore- decided to make a franchise of his fried chicken. He started to travel and offering his product to the owner of restaurant that he found at that time. A hundred and thousand times he tried and got 'no' answer when he offer to franchise his product.
    In this side we know that Colonel Sanders has spirit and willing to success. Until he got the first 'yes' answer and then the legend of KFC stories begun. in 1964 KFC had 600 franchises selling of his trademark fried chicken.
    Colonel Sanders died in 90 years old, and he had traveling 250000 miles a year for visiting the KFC outlets he found.

  47. Anggoro Boedi Riyanto


    One of the businessmen in bali shirt whose full name is Jhosep Theodore Wulianadi nicknamed as Mr.Joger BAA.BSS which is an abbreviation of the word Bukan Apa-Apa dan Bukan Siapa-siapa (Not What-What and Who-who's not) . Mr. Joger This is a figure that is unique and creative. And uniquely, he is a crazy person would deceit that deliberately make others laugh.
    The factory owner Joger words revealed that he did not have the ability to speak as well and he was not smart but he has the determination to go forward. at least not be unemployed and not be the dregs of society in this beloved country. That is the motivation of a Mr.Joger. He just has faith that makes courage to be strong to build his works it.
    Happiness is a reference her life. Because happiness will beat everything. Happiness can change everything becomes more beautiful.
    Mr. Joger uses her life to a system compromise. Which is a 50% income and 50% for life. Because making a living is not meant to live and enjoy life if it has, then the picture that is called life.
    Life is easy because God is good and wise. He will give you all the desired slave if the slave want to try and pray. We often say God is all-knowing, but we sometimes are even knowingly, we say God Almighty but instead we were snobs power ultimately we do not want to lower myself. When in fact if we want to lower ourselves, life would be more beautiful.
    In addition to taking care of Joger, he frequently a speaker at many seminars. He also often reveal themselves if you want to develop self-confidence. However, self-development begins before we must know ourselves.
    This is the story of a Successful Entrepreneur who came from Joseph Theodorus Wulianadi successful word processing plant his Joger. Being able to keep people in or outside the country hypnotized by his work. And from this story we can take the lesson that wealth is not everything but kebahagiaanlah to be in priority. Mr.Joger it should be made in the inspiration to change the way of life to the next. Although rich but still inferior.

  48. Name : Gagat Agus Wasito
    NIM : C1L011024

    "Starting from a simple idea" - Google success story

    Google was founded on September 7, 1998 by Lawrence Page and Sergey Brin or Larry at their friend's house garage space in Menlo Park, California. Google is a famous company in American through its search engine which is also called Google. Within 10 years, Larry and Sergey as the 5 richest people in the United States. And, be a TOP 30 The World's Richest People.

    The main key to success in running a business is the power of simplicity. According to the simplicity of the web is the preferred internet explorer. The key to their success is their integrity that is second to realize what they believe is right. They are willing to drop out of their doctoral program at Stanford University to develop google. The other success key is not to forget the other services of the people who support their success.

    Beginning with simplicity and confidence something will easily overcome the problem without forgetting the services of others.

  49. Name : Rizqa Sulaiman W
    NIM : C1L014018

    Success Story of Yoyok Heri (Mr Huuh Haah)
    Do you know “Waroeng Spesial Sambal” or SS ? that is the name of franchise restourant that can be the first destination for spicy lover, because Spesial Sambal is the first restourant that fokus about their sauces to make their costumers addicted. this company has owned and founded by Yoyok Heri.
    yoyok heri was work in a famous company as a manager in yogyakarta before he decided to resign and join with his friends to made a stall of food in 2002. His idea is make a stall of food that fokus about the taste and the servis with about 28 menu of sauce and many more menu of food and drinks they made, like fried chiken, . He started his business at kaliurang street beside Graha Sabha Pramana UGM with only 6 employes there.
    Yoyok’s business was grow up, and he have more than 50 frenchise restourant with “Waroeng Spesial Sambal”s name in about 27 city in Indonesia with more than 2000 employes in 2005. And he still have a dream about his business, that he wants to make “Spesial sambal”s name be famous in all of city in Indonesia and may be in the world.
    He told that in one year, every one Spesial Sambal’s outlet can make more than 1 million rupiah. But the profit that he get is just about 8% - 13%. However, he is incloud to the most riches man in Indonesia.

  50. Name : Yonita Pratiwi
    NIM : C1L014002

    Succes Story of Martha Tilaar
    Martha Tilaar was born in Kebumen, Central Java, 4 September 1937. She is the owner of Sariayu Martha Tilaar, one of famous beauty product in Indonesia. When she was young, she’s married to H.A.R Tilaar. H.A.R Tilaar came from royal family. Then her husband continued study abroad. So, Martha left her hometown and went to America with her husband. Then, Martha studied at Academy of Beauty Culture, located at Bloomington, Indiana.
    After finished hr study she opened a beauty salon at America. Martha worked hard to develop her beauty salon. She also sold her beauty product door to door. Slowly, she has many customers. She came back to Indonesia and built a beauty salon.
    In this salon she developed her beauty product called Sariayu Martha Tilaar. Sariayu Martha Tilaar has a high quality product, so PT. Kalbe Farma interested to offer business cooperation. They together build a manufacturer of cosmetic and traditional herbs named PT Martina Berto. Later they build several manufacturers at industrial around Jakarta. During 1988-1995 PT Martina Berto acquire some company such as PT Kurnia Harapan Raya, PT Belksoindo Indah, PT Cedefinda, PT Estrella Lab, and PT Kreasi Boga.
    Then at 1999 Martha Tilaar with all her family member buys all the stocks of PT Kalbe Farma. From this Martha Tilaar fully own all stock of PT Martina Berto which remarks the merge of all company into one big group, Martha Tilaar Group.
    The subsidiary companies are PT Martina Berto and PT Tiara Permata Sari, Biokos Martha Tilaar, Belia Martha Tilaar, Bertho Martha Tiaar, Aromatic Oil of Java Martha Tilaar, Dewi Sri Spa Martha Tilaar, Jamu Garden Martha Tilaar, also PT Cedefindo, PT Cempaka Belksinto indah, PT Sariayu Indonesia and PT Martha Beauty Gallery.


    "Billy boen " is one figure inspire of one his books that i never read and he also including one motivator in indonesia and also simultaneously entrepreneurs with age is considerably younger.On his years, to 26 billy has become, general manager of pt oakley even when he crowned gm oakley youngest in the world.Not stop there, billy developing themselves and try peruntungannya by being penguasaha.Optical seis, joint owner rudhy buntaram, billy build jakarta international management ( jim ) in 2006.Under this company line of fashion, revealed some business photography to the speaker.Billy is exploring to build some effort as jakartas de' hub as a joint venture with a musician of a musical group rice piyu.He formerly took college undergraduate in utah state university ( management ), the usu the united states in 1996.He just educated fortwo year eight months And pass in 1999.This campus he pick based on volition his parents because there are indonesia-nya little and the location away from the big city america. “ the object so i concentration in undergo college, “ said.Billy then took study s2 the state university of west georgia.Degree mba he earn only in tempo a year, with the predicate graduation, cum laude at the age of 22.In april 2009, billy released book young on a top ( yot ) is published by gagasmedia.This book contained 30 the key to successfully at a young age addressed for anakmuda to be pillars of success especially in his work.This is a little success story billi boen much mengispirasi less for the young.Everyone can reach success, age is not limitation.If we work earnest with full dedication and continue in dreams, no obstruction that can resist to get there.

  52. Rafika Sekar Anggita Heriyani

    Samsung Story Inventors Founder
    Lee Byung-chull is the founder of Samsung who was born February 12, 1910, died 19 November 1987 he had received his education lectures at the University of Tokyo Wesda though not to pass. He had inherited from his father, because he was including the son of a wealthy family, he had opened the rice mills for which the first attempt, but it does not run as expected. In 1938 Lee Byung-chull Integration founded their export trade in Korea selling fish, vegetables, fruits to China. However, his efforts did not go smoothly. When the Korean War broke out, Lee Byung-chull leaving the city Soul and start a business in Busan sugar factory named Cheil Jedang. And it was South Korea's first sugar mill.
    After the war, in 1954, Lee founded Cheil Mojik and build a woolen mill in Chimsan-dong, Daegu. It was the largest woolen mill in the country. His efforts are very advanced. And is growing very rapidly.
    From 1958 Samsung began its expansion into the financial industry, media, chemicals and shipbuilding throughout the 1970s. Samsung's 60-year start to get into the electronic industry, such as Samsung Electronics Devices Co., Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Samsung Corning Co., and Samsung Semiconductor & Telecommunications Co. In 1980, the company acquired Hanguk tongsin jeonja in Gumi, began making telecommunications equipment. Her initial product is switchboards. Starting from such a product samsung phone and fax began producing and eventually become Samsung's mobile phone manufacturing.
    1987 founder and chairman, Lee Byung-Chull died and Kun-Hee Lee took over as chairman. In the 1990s Samsung started to expand globally in the United States. In 1997 nearly all Korean businesses suffered major crisis and Samsung is no exception. They sell some of its business units to relieve debt and laying off employees to 50,000 employees. But thanks to the electronic industry they managed to survive and continue to grow today.

  53. Name : Yustinus Maherdian Sukoco
    NIM : C1L013031

    Success Story of LEVI STRAUSS

    Did all of you know a “jeans”, right? Jeans wearing everywhere and anytime. Do you know founder of jeans? Yes, he is Levis Strauss. He is born in Buttenheim, Bavaria, in 1829. Unable to sell a large supply of canvas, Strauss hit on the idea of using the durable material to make work pants for miners. Strauss' canvas pants were an immediate success among hardworking miners who had long complained that conventional pants wore out too quickly.
    In 1872, Strauss received a letter from Jacob Davis, a customer and tailor who worked in the mining town of Reno, Nevada. Davis reported that he had discovered canvas pants could be improved if the pocket seams and other weak points that tended to tear were strengthened by copper rivets. Davis' riveted pants had proven popular in Reno. In exchange for his idea, Strauss made the Reno tailor his production manager. Eventually, Strauss switched from using canvas to heavyweight blue denim, and the modern "blue jeans" were born.
    Since then, Levi Strauss & Company has sold more than 200 million pairs of copper-riveted jeans. By the turn of the century, people outside of the mining and ranching communities had discovered that "Levi's" were both comfortable and durable. Today, jeans has entered into our everyday lives and not just the monopoly of the workers as its usefulness in earlier times. Millions of people are still wearing jeans to work, but this time not to work in the mines but for office work. Thanks to the hard work and brilliant ideas Strauss jeans into trendy fashion in this era. It's a legend that rise, salute to Strauss.

  54. Name: Vianty Wulandari
    NIM : C1L014043

    Success Story of Lee Byung Chul

    He was the son of a wealthy landowning family (a branch of the Gyeongju Lee clan). He attended college at Waseda University in Tokyo, but he did not complete his degree.

    Upon the early death of his father, he used his inheritance to open a rice mill in his home town of Gyeongnam.

    That endeavor was not especially successful so he established a trucking business in Daegu on March 1, 1938, which he named Samsung Trading Co, the forerunner to Samsung.Samsung means "Three Stars" which explains the initial corporate logos.

    By 1945 Samsung was transporting goods throughout Korea and to other countries. The company was based in Seoul by 1947. It was one of the ten largest "trading companies" when the Korean War started in 1950.With the conquest of Seoul by the North Korean army, Lee was forced to relocate his business to Pusan. The massive influx of U.S. troops and equipment into Pusan over the next year and a half of the war proved to be highly beneficial to Lee's trucking company.

    In 1961 when General Park seized power, Lee was in Japan and for some time he did not return to South Korea. Eventually a deal was struck and Lee returned but Samsung had to give up control over the banks it acquired and follow economic directives from Park's government.

    In 1953, he founded Cheil Sugar (currently CJ CheilJedang) which became very successful and profitable. Using the income from Cheil Sugar, he founded numerous other companies which sold products in a wide variety of markets: textiles (Cheil Wool Textile Co.), cars, insurance, department stores (Shinsegae), and consumer electronics.

    Federation of Korean Industries
    Later in life he served as chairman of the Federation of Korean Industries and was known as the richest man in Korea.

  55. Name : Fajar Setyo Nugroho
    NIM / Student Number : C1L014035

    Succes Story of Andy Rubin

    Android's massive succes is all thanks to Andy Rubin. The man who created the OS and how serves as google is mobile boss. Andy Rubin began his career as a developer at Apple and moved around the valley a lot working with mobile opreating system. Most notably he was CEO of Danger, the company behind the T-Mobile Sidekick. After danger, Andy Rubin moved on to start his next company, Android.
    Android is advances in mobile opreating system caught google is attention, and it eventually acquired Android. The rest is history. While the G1 was a dud, the phone that brought Android into the mainstream was Motorola is original DROID phone, which launched in 2009. It ran Android 2.0 , a massive upgrade to the first version a year earlier.
    Andy Rubin's team worked closely with Motorola to make sure the DROID would be a real hit. There was also a huge marketing campaign with the DROID, which pointed out the Iphone is flaws at the time.
    From there, Android just exploded. Manufactures like HTC and samsung have based their entire mobile strategy on Android and it's working. In 2010, Samsung is mobile division grew 340 percent, HTC grew 229 percent.
    Moving forward, Rubin is strategy is to turn Android into a unified platform and battle the fragmentation problems that has caused problems for users who want to run newer apps on their phones. On the 11 December 2011 launched a version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. On the 9 July 2012 launched the Jelly Bean version and 31 Oktober 2013 launched a Kitkat version.
    After bragging about "opennes" for so long, it makes sense for Rubin and his team to start exercising more control over the platform. Fragmentation is a big problem, and frustrating to users and developers who want all of Android is latest features and apps to work on any device.
    It's smart strategy, and moving forward could help accelerate Android is dominance. The mobile platform wars are far from over, in the end, developers, manufactures, and carriers will flock towards the system with the most users. And so far, Andy Rubin is leading the charge . And that makes him a visionary.

  56. Name : Sarach Fauziah
    NIM : C1L011014


    Raam Jethmal Punjabi was born in Surabaya, 6 October 1943. At first, he was not involved in the world of cinema. From the years 1962-1963, he worked in a textile company. In 1964 he started a business importing textiles until finally in 1969 he leave it.

    In 1967, Raam with his two brothers, Dhammoo Punjabi and Punjabi Gobind created importer companies Inforter Film, PT Indako film with capital of Rp 30 million. Three years later, he founded PT Panorama Film (1971-19760 named PT Aries International Films produced the film "Mama" by director Wim Umboh.)

    Currently, Raam Punjabi served as a chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Festival in Persatuan Perusahaan Film Indonesia (PPFI). He known as a person who can read the sense of market and a trend setter film. In tahun1980's, when the condition of Indonesian cinema slumped, Raam even success in launched comedy Indonesian film with a star of the comedy trio Warkop dono, casino, indro. In fact, the comedy film becomes a trend and many producers follow suit making comedy film.

    His success encouraged him of establishing the production house PT Tripar Multivision Plus with a capital of Rp 2250 million in 1990. The production company also produced the soap opera that becomes favorite in society. Until the 2000s there is no were become a rival Raam Punjabi in producing films in Indonesia.


    Success Story of LEGO

    Lego is popular toys for children. With lego, children can be more creative and use their imagination unlimited. but who knows before the lego group become popular as now, it have been failed several times. Here is the story.

    In Billund, 1932, there was a carpenter with his own small company. Ole Kirk Christiansen. Even he had a company, but he didn’t have enough money to pay all workers. So he decided to hire all workers except one worker that he trust. Shortly after, he also lost his wife. But he didn’t give up. He knew that he had responsibility to 4 his son.

    After that, he started making toys in his company by himself. He got wood from carpenter production and used it to make toys. One of his son, Godfest, helped him after school. They tried to keep manage the production. It wasn’t going well. He just got foods from sold the toys.

    Time passed by, Ole had named his company as LEGO, which mean play well in Danish. The company bought a plastic injection machine in 1947 and made a product named automatic binding bricks. Then lego made a system for their toys which every children could make their own place, such as amusement park, police station, etc. The system named “town plan”. The binding bricks didn’t going well also. Then in 1958, lego remake the bricks with some additional shape. No longer after that, lego toys being popular. Unfortunately in the same year, Ole Kirk Christiansen passed away. Then his son, Godfest, continue to manage the lego group.

  58. Name: Anggi Setya Murti
    NIM : C1L014039

    SUCCESS STORY OF Andi Nata "Young Entrepreneurs Success Livestock Sheep".

    Andi Nata is one of the young entrepreneurs in Indonesia to add to the success story of a young Indonesian entrepreneurs through a business that he started from scratch and thanks to successful sheep - sheep. Andi Nata 24 years old, but the turnover that he could get tens of millions of dollars every month.

    Effort that he wrestled sheep began in 2008 with a capital of Rp 8 million that he borrowed from relatives. With the loan money, Andi bought five goats, which is 4 and 1 female goats goats. From there the story begins entrepreneurnya when he had just entered college, Andi immediately tried to find a job by giving private lessons to students - high school students. Andi help them learn Mathematics and Physics for two subjects was that he learned.

    Andi are still young and have a sociable nature took him on a goat breeder from Central Java who ultimately deliver success stories of young entrepreneurs Indonesia. He became inspired to become a successful entrepreneur in Indonesian goats. To increase his efforts, he collaborated with several farmers in Garut, Cirebon, Wonosobo, and in some areas on the island of Java.

    He tried to approach - a family approach to foster mutual trust. Moreover, Andi has several times until the loss of millions of dollars for his deceived by some farmers. Andi continues to strive to develop the sheep business and trying to catch up academically. Andi does not want to lose and never to lose. He continued to gain knowledge about the business ranging from workshops, short courses and a course she attended.

    One of the secrets that play a role in the success story of a young businessman Indonesia is its ability to lobby. For Andi, it's useless if an employer only smart but also must be able to innovate to relate. Andi absorb knowledge around no matter from whom he learned.

    From a seller goulash mother, she was inspired to start a business catering for the event - an event that requires satay or curry goat.

  59. Thank you for all students who publish the Assignment 1 on time. Now the collection time is closed.
    Thank you.


  60. Name : Muhammad Jodi Ramadhan
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    Success story of Walt Disney
    Walt Disney was born in Chicago in 1901, to Elias and Flora Disney. He had three brothers and a younger sister. His family moved from Chicago to Missouri and then finally settled in Kansas City when Walt was nine. He loved Charlie Chaplin. He also enjoyed drawing cartoons for the school paper. When Walt was 16 his life suddenly changed as America entered the Great War. He spent the remainder of the war in France, where he drove ambulances and then helped with post–war operations. When Walt returned to his family in Kansas, his bother Roy helped him get a job at the Pesmen–Rubin Art Studio. Here, he created advertisements for newspapers and magazines. He met fellow cartoonist and life–long friend Ubbe Iwerks, and the two decided to start their own company. They called it Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists but barely made enough to get by. So Disney sought other work at the Kansas City Film Ad Company. This company made cartoon commercials based on paper cut–outs. Walt was enthralled by this world and immersed himself in it. He read Edwin G. Lutz’s Animated Cartoons: How They Are Made, Their Origin and Development as well as another 19th century book by a British artist on animal and human locomotion. Borrowing a camera from the company, he set up his backyard shed and began making cartoons of his own. He called them Laugh-O-Grams and sold them to the Newman Theatre in Kansas City. Walt’s Laugh-O-Grams were popular in the Kansas City area and through their success Walt acquired a studio and recruited his own animators. At just 20–years–old, Walt and his friends were a bunch of kids making fun and impromptu short films based on contemporised fairytales through a process of trial and error. In July 1923, Walt sold his camera and, with the little money he had, moved to Hollywood. He moved in with his uncle Robert Disney and set out to look for a job. He had sent his unfinished project Alice’s Wonderland starring child actress Virginia Davis to Margaret Winkler in New York. Walt asked his brother Roy and best friend Iwerks to join him, and together they began the Disney Brothers’ Studio. The series, renamed Alice Comedies, was successful. Mintz had other plans for Oswald. He decided he no longer needed Walt, and by hiring Walt’s staff could produce the cartoon himself. In the back of his mind he had the idea of a mouse – a sympathetic character that had a lot of potential. He called the mouse Mortimer, the name eventually changed to Mickey Mouse thanks to the insistence of his wife. Mickey first appeared in May 1928. In 1932, Walt discovered the new phenomenon of technicolour. He had been working on a project called Flowers and Trees, which was a part of the Silly Symphonyseries. Flowers and Trees went on to become the first–ever cartoon to win an Oscar. The idea occurred to him that there should be an amusement park built for families to enjoy together. He could not fund the park alone. The ABC completed a deal with Disney where it would have a 35 per cent stake. In July 1955, Walt hosted the world premiere of his new amusement park, Disneyland. By 62–years–of–age, Walt had won 31 Academy Awards.